Your Complete College Funding Kit
Giving You the Edge
You work incredibly hard to help your students become the best college applicants they can be.

Their families need help, too, because students can only matriculate to great-fitting colleges when their parents can manage the expenses. Unfortunately, submitting FAFSA and private scholarship applications is often not enough to ensure their success.

What if you could bridge the gap by offering real solutions, without creating more work? The Smart Track College Funding High School Initiative is a free, easy-to-implement program giving counselors the resources to help families improve their prospects for merit and need-based financial aid, and limit their dependency on debilitating loans.

You can make a real difference by helping your families significantly reduce their college costs.

The result? More of your students attend great colleges; that's a meaningful reward for all your efforts, and a positive reflection on your high school.

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Why Smart Track™?

Your counselors have the important task of turning students into strong applicants for the colleges of their choice, but good college matriculation rates depend on families being the best financial aid applicants they can be, too.

At a time when 4-year college degrees run between $80,000 - $300,000, the financial costs are a major factor in whether and where students attend university. Smart Track's free, data-driven tools and personalized assessments help families maximize their merit and need-based aid potential, find generous schools and learn strategies to pay their share in the most advantageous way possible.

What Is The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit?

Smart Track™ College Funding Kit is a suite of self-directed, web-based resources designed to guide families through the college funding and financial aid process from start-to-finish.

Highlights include:

  • An assessment with a professional Smart Track™ Coach-Families receive expert analysis of their options and get their questions answered
  • Quick College Cost Estimator-Instantly shows a family whether, where, and how they can lower their EFCs
  • Customized Strategy Report-Provides detailed cost estimations and helps identify generous schools
  • Awards Analysis Tool-Indicates whether a better financial aid package might be possible from each college
  • Appeals Workshop-Teaches how to best negotiate for more financial aid

What Is The High School Initiative?

The Smart Track™ High School Initiative provides free access & unlimited use of the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit for public, charter, magnet, parochial, and private schools and their families. Participating schools receive live parent education workshops twice yearly, plus a customized registration page, branded link, and publicity assets. There is NO COST to the school and NO COST to your families. Every school that comes onboard has a local Smart Track™ Coach to support the program.

Smart Track™ safeguards the privacy of our families and never sells, barters, trades or otherwise markets any of the information provided.

How Does The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit Work?

Most families - especially middle income families - pay far more for college than they should through no fault of their own. How they have their finances, assets or taxes organized can unnecessarily inflate how much they will be expected to pay out-of-pocket. As a result, families routinely miss out on significant aid - often by inches, not miles.

The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit is revolutionary in that it empowers families to identify and address red flags in their financial profiles long before they submit aid applications, leading to better financial aid awards. For parents, having the lowest possible EFCs and a smart college funding plan is like a student having a great GPA and high SAT scores!

Personalized Support Available

The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit is designed to give families all the self-directed tools necessary to forecast their college costs and learn strategies to maximize their financial aid awards, all on their own.

For families with complicated financial profiles or personal concerns that are beyond the scope of the software program, personalized attention is available with a steeply discounted, self-selected option.

Smart Track™ Coach: Better planning means lower EFC calculations, less impact on the family's cash flow, and the best chances for maximizing financial aid potential. A Smart Track™ Coach is a professional college funding advisor who will offer private planning and analysis, and provide individualized strategies to achieve college planning and funding goals. HSI families requesting this optional service receive a promo code for 50% off our retail pricing, bringing the service to a total of $248.50.

The Smart Track™ High School Initiative is leveling the playing field by making money-saving information accessible to all, and professional assistance affordable to those who want and need it, eliminating the need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive, traditional private advisors.

What's The Catch?

Actually, there is no catch. We make money on our retail endeavors with private companies, affiliates, and public workshops. What we gain from the High School Initiative is users of the software, which we leverage to keep Smart Track™ on the leading edge. The vast majority your parent body will take advantage of all our free options and never choose to engage our fee-based service. And, that's fine-there's no selling involved.

Regarding the fact that we offer a fee-based service at all, consider that most high school families spend hundreds of dollars or more on items like class rings, yearbooks, trips, and prom. We believe that helping shave thousands of dollars off the cost of college is a lesser investment with tremendous value to the families we serve. Note that families in the High School Initiative who opt to purchase our personalized service enjoy significant reduction off our retail pricing. We do not market or promote this service, but are pleased to assist those who request the additional support.


College & Guidance Counselors, High School Administrators, District Personnel

  • The High School Initiative's data-driven tools give school personnel valuable resources to better educate and serve their communities, absolutely free-of-charge.
  • Remove the awkward money discussion' from the counselor arena, and offer a solution for parents to get timely and reliable data to help them make informed decisions for their financial future and their students' higher education
  • Counselors can focus on assisting students in creating a "best fit" college list, identifying those that are most likely to be generous with aid
  • Provide families with upfront knowledge about whether they can handle their Expected Family Contributions (EFCs) plus any unmet need of the colleges they are pursuing
  • Prevent panic and disappointment in the spring when financial aid awards come in and some of the colleges to which the student has been admitted are not financially viable
  • See more students able to attend their "best fit" colleges rather than be limited to those that may be appear to be most affordable

Parent Organizations

  • Provide extremely useful Value-Added services to members
  • Parent Education Workshops that are well-attended and highly-praised for covering crucial information on a subject parents are deeply concerned about

Parents Of College Bound Students

  • Learn whether and where there is room to improve EFC calculations, thereby increasing eligibility for financial aid, grants, merit money, and scholarships
  • Estimate financial aid packages for any given college BEFORE APPLYING, based on the school's specific history, the family's specific finances and the student's specific grades & scores
  • Find more GENEROUS colleges based on the family's financial profile and the student's academic record
  • Get timely, valuable content, references, and reminders
  • Stay organized throughout the college application process
  • Learn about dozens of college-related topics, including federal loans, grants, tax benefits, scholarships, and work-study programs
  • Calculate and compare various student loan options
  • Analyze financial aid awards to determine if mis-awarded or under-awarded, and learn how to appeal those that are inadequate
  • Special discount on personalized professional assistance for those seeking additional help

Praise From High School Administrators, Counselors & Parents

Review Rating: 4.87 Stars Out Of 5 "I want to shout about this program from the mountain tops!" -Linda Zimring, Past President,WACAC; -College Counselor, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, CA

"I set up a demo and was blown away. It is basically the holy grail of what I've been needing to offer my parents regarding the whole Financial Aid piece."
-Sarah Martin, Guidance Counselor, Red Lion Christian Academy, DE

"This is very exciting - a genius program" -Lorraine S. Brooks, Principal, River Dell Regional High School, NJ

"This is a total No Brainer!" -Anne Cochran, Founding Director, iLead North Hollywood High School, CA

"Very cool - a great resource" -Andy Tucker, Director of Student Services, Boulder Valley School District, CO

"This service is great for parents during this overwhelming process" -Annette T., parent in PA
"Appreciated asking questions to a real person who had answers and ideas I would not have thought of on my own." -Tracy M., parent in PA

"Our consultant was extremely resourceful, intuitive and considerate. Willing to go the extra mile to personalize my experience. Very attentive and engaging. -Susan B, parent in CA

"An incredible resource!" -Laine P, parent in CA

"The advisor took time to explain things and wasn't trying to rush through the process. She really knew what she was talking about!" -Darryl, parent in TX

"I think that families should be encouraged to start using Smart Track™ as soon as their child is in 9th grade, if not sooner." -Alexa K, parent in CA

About Us

Financial Strategies Group, creators of the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit, is a highly regarded BBB A-rated company with a nationwide team of professionally-trained college funding and financial aid experts. We've helped over 200,000 families save themselves tens of thousands off the cost of college. Our clients consistently rate their satisfaction with 4.87 out of 5 stars.

Our mission is to help families send children to their dream schools without overpaying or going deeply into debt. Until now, access to this information was exclusive to those who could spend thousands of dollars hiring an expensive specialist.

We are very proud to have developed an online resource to make assistance readily accessible for free, and make personalized services affordable to those who need them. We offer professionalism, experience, integrity and results, all within reach.

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