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In today’s “information age”, it seems as though it would be easier to find information about college financial aid and the college admissions process.  And that’s true – too much so!  The sheer volume of available information makes the work of the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit that much more valuable.  By helping parents and students focus on the most important information, and the most effective strategies to use during the financial aid process, the Toolkit provides an extra measure of sanity during a complex and stressful time for families.

Charles S.,


The College Funding component is wonderful.  Not only does it handle the forms, but we were reminded of deadlines and totally guided through the process. For us this was the best part of the process. Having the Toolkit organize the entire process has been wonderful!

Susan C.,


The financial part was our headache.  I was fearful something at home would prevent us from filing the financial papers properly and timely.  The College Funding Kit provided us much relief in doing this for us.  I have recommended the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit to every parent going through this process.

Nancy S.,


College Financial Aid Savings

The most important help has been understanding our financial aid options, filing our FAFSA forms and understanding and/or appealing our award letters.  [Our daughter] had to be encouraged further to apply to more colleges and explained directly what schools gave good financial awards historically because she didn’t listen to a word we said.

Cristina V., Veterinarian


The financial paperwork would have been overwhelming for us.  We have very deadline-driven jobs and the task of filling out the FAFSA and CSS forms accurately online and on time was daunting.  The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit took care of it all and we felt our money was well spent.

Rick M.,


The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit made the whole process of getting a child into college very easy.  My wife and I would not have known where to start the whole process. Thanks again.

Thomas R., 


The financial advice we received from the College Funding Kit was invaluable in preparing for the fall of 2010 when we will have two daughters in college.  We will save on taxes, have paid off considerable credit card debt, set aside money for college expenses, and improved our monthly cash flow.  Thanks so very much!

Meg C.,


In light of the fact that [our daughter] is the first of our four children who will attend college, we found the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit to provide a much needed organizational plan for us.  The Toolkit allowed us an opportunity not only to prepare ourselves but also to strategize which enabled us a less stressful and more efficient path toward meeting our children’s college needs.  As a blended family we were very unsure how the college process would work for us and again, the College Funding Kit guided us very effectively.

Lisa M.,

College Financial Aid and Diploma

With your coaching and the Appeals workshop from the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit, our family was able successfully negotiate our financial aid package. We were thrilled to receive a revised award letter from Georgetown with over $13,000 in additional financial aid. Best of all, more than $7,000 of that was free money. Thank you!

Patrick D.,


Working with the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit has alleviated a lot of pressure from our family.  We as a family went from not having a clue what to do next as far as college is concerned when my daughter was in her junior year to always having an answer to our questions.  The workshops and the info seminars were quite helpful.  We will definitely use the College Funding Kit when our son is in his junior year!

Robert M., Draftsman


College Students Graduating



Thank you, Toolkit, for helping my family and I sort through the mass confusion of college; especially the FAFSA!!

Katherine B., Student

College Girl Financial Aid

The Smart Track™ College Funding has helped us plan financially for college, especially with the financial aid component.  I’m glad my parents signed up because we were pretty clueless on the entire college financial process and the planning strategies cleared up many of our questions.

Timothy G., Student



College Books and Graduation Cap

The College Funding Kit aided my parents a great deal with figuring out the finances for college.  In the end, I was able to choose Northeastern University based on my personal preferences and what my parents had calculated they would have to pay for my education using the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit.

Cady L., Student



College Students


It helped us learn about how to finance/pay our tuition, how to appeal when necessary to receive more money, and gave me great advice.

Brian D., Student

Peace of Mind! That is what our family received after using the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit. We have benefited financially using the strategies the Kit taught us about and feel very confident we will survive the financial burden of paying our son’s college education. Thank you for so many nights of peaceful sleep!

Joseph R., Teacher


The Smart Track™ Toolkit has been there for us every daunting step of this process. We feel like we are in very expert hands. When we have questions, they are answered; when we need help, we get it. This is our first experience with this process and we would have been lost without this help. It has been so well worth the small amount we had to invest (not spend) to get much-needed help. The information, while expansive and encyclopedic, has been so well-organized and lucid. My best advice? Put your trust in the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit. You will not be disappointed!

Steven C., Teacher


The College Funding Kit has been a phenomenal help! I can’t even begin to imagine wading through this process without it! Being able to rely on experts for guidance makes all the difference. Thank you!

Beth O., Senior Manager


Thank you again for all of the assistance in the financial aid application and the appeals process. We are very pleased that my daughter received an additional $3900 this year in the form of a grant – FREE MONEY!! Without the help of the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit we wouldn’t have had the knowhow, and probably not the courage to do it. Yesterday evening we went ahead and sent in our deposit. I am beginning to see the finish line.

Monique M., Attorney

College Financial Aid and Diploma


The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit has given our family peace of mind while preparing our son for college.  It has also prepared us financially not only for [our son's] college education but also for the future.  My advice for families would be not to go through it alone.  As much as we think we know, there is so much more to learn.  The other important issue that I found was our high school guidance office was not very helpful with college planning; however they had all the control with the application process etc.  So having the expertise of the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit was priceless.  Thank you!

Lisa R., Registered Nurse


The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit has enabled us to prepare and organize a specific plan for our daughter. The kit has allowed our daughter to enjoy her senior year without the anxiety and hassle often associated with getting accepted to the college of your choice.

Bryant M., Sales