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Smart Track College Funding Consultation

Smart Track™ College Funding Assessment

An even faster approach to college-savings. Review your College Financial Picture in just 15 Minutes, FREE!


The Smart Track college funding system is built to give you the tools you need to get a leg-up on the complicated college planning process. Speaking directly with a Smart Track college funding professional will help you analyze your family's specific financial picture as it applies to financial aid and look to see if there is any room to improve your college funding outlook (lowering costs). 
  • Expodite your Understanding of your Robust Smart Track Reporting Tool
  • Look directly at your family's potential for lowering college costs
  • Financial Savings Strategies: Have a preliminary discussion regarding potential strategies to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for college.
  • Financial Cash-Flow Strategies: Explore potential college planning cash-flow strategies for the most advantageous ways to pay for your student's education.
  • How to Prepare for your Assessment

    1. A Smart Track team member will be calling you soon to schedule your appointment.
    2. To prepare for your 15-minute review of your family's cost and savings potential, you will want to check your email for instructions and details on what to expect
    3. Pre-Enter your information into our secure online form to give your coach a snap-shot view of your financial situation. Click the big blue college strategy report button on your account dashboard, or click here to go direct (Login Required).

    Watch our Smart Track™ College Planning Intorductory Workshop for details on what to expect throughout the college planning and college funding process.