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Do you hope to play sports in college? We make it a point to provide all Smart Track students with the best college resources possible. We have teamed up with Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) to be the official recruiting partner for all our student-athletes.

About Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) 
NCSA is the world’s largest and most successful collegiate athletic recruiting network. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Reigning Champs, NCSA’s team of more than 550 former collegiate and professional athletes leverages:

  • 15+ years of exclusive data
  • Proprietary athlete-to-coach matching algorithms
  • Personal relationships with more than 41,000 college coaches nationwide across 31 sports (to successfully connect tens of thousands of college-bound student-athletes every year)

How Much Do You Know About the Recruiting Process?
1.    Can being a student-athlete affect my Financial Aid?
Smart Track College Student Athlete

Being a student-athlete can affect your financial aid package in a big way, especially if you are a highly recruited prospect. If the coach of a college team really wants you to play for him/her, then they will do all they can to get you on the team in the fall, including helping you out with financial aid.


  • Only DI and DII schools can offer athletic scholarships
  • DIII and Junior Colleges cannot offer scholarships
  • However, there are certain “tuition incentives” that DIII and Junior Colleges may be able to offer
2. Will being a good athlete make up for poor grades?

Being a good and highly recruited athlete can help some colleges to look past a low grade, but athletic prowess is not a replacement for academic success. College is always about academics first. Even if you are a top prospect for your sport, you need to have a good GPA and good standardized test scores to get into college.

3. How do I know if I’m “highly recruited”?

Trust us – if you are highly recruited, you’ll know it. College coaches will be sending you letters, emails, making phone calls, and doing everything they can to persuade you early-on to play for their team. Some forms of contact are allowed by the NCAA as early as freshman year of high school.

Keep in mind, however:
Only about 2% of all NCAA athletes are “highly recruited.” The other 98% did a LOT of work in order to get recruited:

  • An athletic-academic profile
  • A personal statement
  • A highlight video
  • Prospect interviews

Odds are, if you are a student-athlete looking to play in college, you will need help with all or some of the process.

4. What should you expect from your high school or club coach?

While you are essentially responsible for marketing yourself and taking charge of your own recruiting game plan, you should be able to expect some help from your current coaches. College coaches will want to contact your high school and/or club coaches as references on your behalf.


  • Your high school and club coaches can be powerful references, as well as excellent sources for recommendation letters
  • You will need to work hard to maintain positive relationships with college coaches
  • Remember to be respectful and polite to all coaches with whom you meet and interact 
5. How much should parents be involved?
Proper parent involvement is crucial. Parents can be very helpful throughout the recruiting process, but they need to be careful not to over do it. Parents can help by:
  • Taking the lead in mapping out the recruiting game plan
  • Knowing the NCAA rules and regulations
  • Tracking communications and correspondences
  • Staying organized 

The student-athlete can benefit from parent guidance, organization, patience, and common sense decision making. A great parent project is filming games or competitions for the highlight video.

6. What is the student-athlete recruiting package?
A recruiting package is what you will need to send to college coaches in the hopes that you will be recruited. The initial recruiting package should include:
  • A well put together profile
  • A well written personal statement
  • A coach’s letter of recommendation
  • Highlight video

These are all things that the student will need to work hard and execute well in order to impress college coaches in the hopes of getting noticed, recruited, and ultimately being financially rewarded through scholarships, grants, and other aid.

Start connecting with college coaches today!
NCSA College Sports Recruiting Program Registration