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Smart Track College FundingSmart Track™ is Your College Financial Guidance Solution

The more time you have to plan for college expenses, the more options you will have to control and lower your costs.

Still, it's never too late to start! Whether you have 4 years or only 2 months until your student applies to college, the Smart Track™ College Funding system can help you prepare to pay your share and reduce your costs.

Tools and Services Included with a Free Smart Track™ College Funding Account:


Smart Track College Planning Account EFC Estimator

Step 1:
Quick College Cost Estimation Tool

  • Forecast what YOU will be expected to pay out of pocket per year, and more importantly, whether and how you can reduce that calculation.

Smart Track College Financial Planning Report
Step 2:
Strategic College Funding Reports

  • Discover red flags in your financial profile that could cost you financial aid.
  • See how much you could save with college funding strategies in place.
  • Evaluate the latest statistics that identify schools likely to be generous with YOUR student.
  • Explore data-driven projections for what each school is likely to give YOUR student in free money vs. loans, and estimate your final out-of-pocket costs per school.


Smart Track College Funding AssessmentStep 3: Schedule a FREE 15- Minute Assessment

  • A 15-Minute review of your College Funding Report with a professional Smart Track Coach is included with your account - there is no cost and no obligation.

  • Great opportunity to address your questions and strategize on how to best pay your share and maximize eligibility for merit and need-based aid.


Smart Track College Planning Account Workshop

Step 4: On-Demand Financial Aid Tutorials & Workshops

  • Educate yourself with presentations, videos and articles covering the financial aid process from start to finish.
  • Learn what various funding options mean for your wallet (including tax incentives).  



Smart Track College Planning Awards AnalysisStep 5: Financial Aid Awards Analysis Tool & Appeals Workshop

  • Did your student get a fair financial aid package? Don't leave money on the table! Compare your award with college historical data to see whether the school did a good job meeting your financial need.

  • Next, watch our Awards & Appeals Tutorial to determine whether and how to make a successful appeal, if warranted.


Smart Track College Loan Calculator
Step 6: College Loan Calculator

  • Receive information on current student loan rates and options.  

  • Determine your monthly costs (including interest) over the full term of the loan.




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The sooner you create a solid college funding plan, the better your opportunities for success!


Additional Service Option

The free tools and assessments offered in the Smart Track™ College Funding Kit are sufficient for most families. For those with complicated financial situations, personalized Smart Track™ Coaching Services are available. We can help you craft a comprehensive college funding plan designed to optimize your financial aid potential and determine the smartest funding methods for your specific situation.

Learn more about our Smart Track™ Coach service here