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Smart Track™ Coach

Why Might I Need a Smart Track™ Coach?

The cost of a college education has skyrocketed, and so has the competition for limited merit and need-based financial aid dollars. If you want to maximize your eligibility for grants and scholarships, it's imperative that you understand how to present your financial profile in the most positive way possible. Furthermore, understanding your best options for paying your share is an equally important part of the equation, whether you think you'll qualify for financial aid or not.

Your highly-trained Smart Track™ Coach can help you craft a personal, comprehensive college funding plan designed to optimize your financial aid potential and determine the smartest funding methods for your specific situation. Our professional college funding Coaches routinely help families save substantially on the cost of college - by as much as tens-of-thousands of dollars.

What's Included with Smart Track™ Coach?

Your Smart Track™ Coach will meet with you in-person or over the phone several times (typically 3-4 meetings) to complete and implement your personalized College Funding Plan, and then at least once a year for an annual review.

1. Current Financial Aid Assessment Report: Creating a Baseline
Your Smart Track™ Coach will assess your current financial situation and provide a detailed report outlining what you can expect to pay for college as it stands today, before any advanced planning. (Analyzing your Expected Family Contributions)

2. Savings & Potential Assessment Report: Compare and Contrast
Based on college planning cash flow and money management strategies, your Smart Track™ Coach will identify and review potential money-saving opportunities based on your unique financial situation, analyzing things like your tax structure, assets, businesses, home equity, rental properties, and many other variables.

3. Professional Guidance: The Plan
After assessing your college funding and savings potential, your Smart Track Coach will work with you to create a plan that covers all the college-bound students in your family. With ample discussion, support and guidance, you will decide on the best cash flow strategies, borrowing options and opportunities for your situation within the financial aid system.

4. Financial Aid Forms Assistance
You will have access to our proprietary 52 page Financial Aid Guide with real world advice based on 17 years of hands-on experience, and our privatized and password protected Financial Aid Portal with step-by-step assistance prior to filing any forms. You will also be invited to multiple LIVE Financial Aid Webinars.

5. Smart Track™ Learning Center
You will have unlimited, password protected access to our Smart Track™ College Funding Learning Center, with its robust online tools to help you better understand the financial aid system, estimate your potential costs, identify schools more likely to be generous with your student, and keep you organized throughout the process.

Smart Track™ Coach Personalized College Funding Plan: $497
Do not purchase this service without talking with one of our professional college funding Coaches first! We will never recommend our service if we cannot significantly improve your college funding plan.