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The Student Positioning and Admissions Assitance components were a great help in both preparing our son for his interviews and reviewing his essays.  The guidance suggested for his essay was excellent and we feel it made a big difference.  The College Funding component is wonderful.  Not only does it handle all the forms but totally guides you through the process.

- Susan C.

The Problem

Filling out college applications can seem like a daunting task. In just a few short pages, your student has to consolidate four years of high school and show the admissions officer why they should be accepted. The admissions essay and brag sheet, the most essential parts of the application, have to show the college who the student is outside of the classroom. Without a well written essay or a compelling brag sheet, your student will severely hurt their chances for admission. They need to be able to stand out from the thousands of other applicants. Even after being accepted to a college, many students still find the transition from high school to college to be overwhelming. All these factors add up to one thing: your student will need the right tools to make it through.

College Textbooks

Your Solution
The Admissions Assistance Component Includes
  • Access to interactive workshops that guide your student through the various admissions applications and how to put their best foot forward
  • Guidance on how to write the best possible admissions essay from an actual Ivy League professor!
  • Advice on how to smooth the transition from high school to college and make the most of freshman year
  • Multiple worksheets and handouts to keep your student organized and on track during 
Optional Upgrade
  • Professional Admissions Essay Review
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