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Privacy Issues

The Quick College Cost Estimator does not require, store, or retain personal and confidential information. It does not check information you enter for validity and will reset once you move away from the College Cost Estimator page.

How to Use

In order to use the College Cost Estimator, you must first have a registered Smart Track™ Basic Membership account. Once you are registered, you can access the Quick College Cost Estimator via the top button on the Learning Center Dashboard.

To use the College Cost Estimator, you will need to enter a numeric value in each blank field. If a field is not applicable, enter 0. The estimator works best when using whole numbers. When you have entered data into each field, click "Calculate My EFC" to generate a report.

What is the College Cost Estimator?

Your Smart Track™ Quick College Cost Estimator is designed to help you get a good sense of what you can expect to pay for college based on your calculated EFC (Expected Family Contribution). By gathering 15 highly important data points, this program will estimate the minimum amount that a college expects you can pay for one student for one year of college.

What is my EFC (Expected Family Contribution)

There are two formulas to derive your EFC: the Institutional Methodology (IM) and the Federal Methodology (FM). Your FM EFC is determined upon completion of the FAFSA and your IM EFC is determined upon completion of the CSS/Financial Aid Profile.

What is my Adjusted EFC?

Your adjusted EFC, Expected Family Contribution, represents what your EFC could potentially be by utilizing certain college planning strategies to maximize your college savings. This could be anything from reducing the amount of student assets, to reducing the amount of equity in property owned by the family.

How are the Cost figures calculated?

The costs on your Quick College Cost Estimator are calculated using your EFC, the cost of attendance for each type of college, and average values for percentage of need met (financial aid). This is calculated over a (4) year span to give you a better idea of your total cost for college.

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