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There are two complete Toolkit workshops included with the College Funding component. These are the Awards & Appeals workshop and the Federal Financial Aid Programs workshop.

Awards & Appeals workshop: This workshop covers information regarding financial aid letters and award packages, how to determine the fairness of a college's financial aid award, and potential appeal strategies to increase the amount of financial aid you have been offered.

Federal Financial Aid Programs workshop: This workshop covers the various loan and grant programs offered by the Federal Government, how to apply for and receive these loans and grants, and also various tax programs/incentives available to families with one or more students in college.

In each workshop there are attachments with information appropriate to the subject being discussed. To download these, click the "Attachments" button in the top right hand corner of your workshop, and simply click the attachment title you would like to view or download.

How to View
In order to fully grasp and utilize the robust information within these workshops, you are able to view the content as many times as you need. To access a workshop, simply click the red "enter" button next to the desired workshop title on your Smart Track™ Learning Center Dashboard.

System Requirements
Currently, use of the Adobe Flash Player is required to view our workshops. Click here for a free download.

Form Submission

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a financial aid application used to determine a student's eligibility for Federal Aid programs, as well as some institutional funds. This includes the Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, Pell Grant, TEACH Grant, SEOG Grant, Work-Study, and other various programs. It is required by all colleges and universities that receive Title IV funding. The FAFSA can be accessed online at

CSS/Financial Aid Profile

The CSS/Financial Aid Profile (also referred to as the CSS/Profile) is a financial aid application used primarily to determine a student's eligibility for institutional funds. The CSS/Profile was created by and is maintained by CollegeBoard. It is only required by participating colleges, typically private colleges and universities. The CSS/Profile is unique from the FAFSA in that it asks many more questions and is not free to file.

Additional Forms

Some colleges that your student(s) apply to may require financial aid forms in addition to the FAFSA and CSS/Profile. The Smart Track™ College Funding Kit will notify you of which colleges require additional forms and when their respective due dates are, but it is the family's responsibility to complete and submit each of these additional forms. Not doing so could result in a reduction or loss of potential financial aid.


Your EFC, or Expected Family Contribution, is the minimum amount that a college expects you can pay for one student for one year of college. There are two formulas to derive your EFC: the Institutional Methodology (IM) and the Federal Methodology (FM). Your FM EFC is determined upon completion of the FAFSA and your IM EFC is determined upon completion of the CSS/Financial Aid Profile.

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