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Listen in as nationally renowned college planning expert Murray Miller walks you through each component of the Smart Track™ College Funding Toolkit. From admissions to financial aid, planning for college can be a complex process. The Toolkit is designed to guide families with high school students through that process and help them find the best fit college, both academically and financially.

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The Smart Track™ College Funding Toolkit is a complete, online college planning program, one that will guide a motivated and self-directed family. But that doesn't mean there isn't a personal touch. Click below to see a list of our Live college events, all geared towards preparing your family for the college planning process.

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The ugly truth regarding rising college costs and devalued savings

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While utilizing the College Funding Toolkit, these families have experienced the benefits of having reliable college funding resources that packs over 100 years of experience working for them

College Funding Toolkit: Steps to Success

Step 1: Take A Tour

You have just discovered the best college planning tool on the market: the Smart Track™ College Funding Toolkit

College funding planning is a vital component to any family's comprehensive college plan. Regardless of how much you earn or how much you have saved up, college expenses can be overwhelming unless adequately planned for. To get started, navigate through our site to learn about the Cash Flow Crunch that many families are facing and the solution that the College Funding Toolkit offers. You should also take our quiz to find out if your college plan is ready or if it needs a little more work.

Step 2: Register

Once you've taken a tour of our site, you are ready to register! Begin creating an organized college planning schedule with your new college planning eCalendar, learn your Federal and Institutional Expected Family Contribution (EFC), and how much your family is expected to contribute to your students' college education. View our on-demand workshops and live webinars, including our "College 101" workshop on how to maximize college financial aid and position your student to receive more grants and scholarships. At this point you have begun your journey towards a stress free plan for college.

Step 3: You're now Connected

What's next? Once you've registered for your Smart Track™ College Funding Toolkit basic membership you can log-in to the Smart Track™ Learning Center to begin personalizing your college planning eCalendar and begin using your Quick College Cost Estimator or review your Customized College Strategy Report. Additionally, both you and your student will begin receiving timely emails and have access to numerous downloads and additional workshops including our TAX Incentives and Negotiations & Appeals workshops.